Thursday, 3 July 2008

Search of happiness...

My efforts to settle down here is a never ending wheel of shock, turmoil, depression, confusion and pain. My need to find a balance which works for me seems impossible.
I'm feeling desperate now, why can't I just except, say alhamdulilah and move on, however could the grass be greener on the other side? could there be a better life for me?
Again, its this want and need that's ruling my life.

I know I have too wake up and smell the coffee, I need a couple of good slaps on the face and someone to tell me to except the great things that god has given me, but to people I look happy, my life looks great and nothings wrong.

I wish that content feeling I had two days ago comes back, its such a weight off my shoulders. Whenever I'm feeling the way I feel today I try to remember those good days but all I seem to come up with is negative thoughts.

Things I'm grateful for:
  • My Husband - who's easy going and lets me be who I want to be.
  • My children - every day is an exciting step up to their world - my heart skips a beat every time they do something new.
  • My parents, their unconditional love for us - and the sacrifices they made for us.
  • My brothers and sisters- who are always there.
  • My religion - keeps me alive.
  • My Job - Gets me out of the house.

Alhamdulilah yarab.

I feel better now, thank you for listening.


on the edge said...

It's ok . Everyone has those days , sometimes there might even be a whole year of those days , lol . One day at a time . Love the blog !

Anonymous said...

Share with us where you are at with adjusting .

I've been to Libya twice.
I can hear and relate to your frustrations - where are you from?

Anonymous said...

My Being Days ... Miss you
How are you managing ?
Are you still in Libya?
Let us know

Anonymous said...

Would like to see where you aare in your adjustments - drop a note off.