Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Long & Happy Days

Its been a long day at work today, and its only 3.00!! but time has gone by so slowly. Have you ever had one of those days? it always happens when your tired and sleepy from doing something the previous day or night.

Its been a pretty uneventful day, not very interesting to put on a blog I know, but I am still new at this ;)

Today I feel content. It's a great feeling to have, this sensation of complete calm and happiness that sometimes we tend to lose touch with. I'm not usualy a content person, I have a constant need to have more, do more and achieve more which drives my husband up the wall, it drives me crazy too, as I'm always left feeling moody and worthless.
Today I'm happy...yes I want to sleep, but I'm happy.

I wish this feeling to all who read this mind numbing blog.

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on the edge said...

Now you are getting it , living in Libya !