Monday, 4 August 2008

Business Trips

I have to travel, as much as I love travelling, I hate travelling for work, these two nights one day things are just exhausting, but looking on the bright side, I'll have a good nights sleep and a break from the whole family.... yeahhhhhhh :)

I'm gonna buy lots of books (and decent conditioner), from the airport, yes, as I won't have anytime to go down town. Books books books, I'm gonna buy as many as I can carry, I want to read and transport myself into someone else's life, loves and tribulations, I've had enough of mine.

Does anyone want anything???


Rose Bud said...

I remember when I lived in Libya, books were my salvation. I have read so many books and they transported me to another place. Enjoy!

Libyan woman said...

thanks,i just want u 2 enjoy your time as much as u can.however,the last minute will never come back.