Sunday, 3 August 2008

Bare my soul...

My husband and I haven't talked for a while, we speak to each other regarding daily routines, you know the score, we need milk, I'm going out etc...

It was getting to be quite stressful, there is so much I want to say but can't bring myself to as I don't want to fight, I hate fighting, all the years we've been married we have only ever had one huge argument with raised voices, they say its good to argue, it releases stress and it's good for the relationship.

We became accustomed to not bringing up the things that tick us off about each other (which is bad..very bad) we avoid each other, we steer clear of conflict.
Last night I managed to swallow my pride and started to talk, I told him how I felt & how he made me feel, it was a release, it felt like the butterflies residing in my stomach where being freed, there's still so much to say though.

It has always been hard for me to talk about my feelings, even with the closest people to me, sometimes I want to say so much but feel its not worth hearing.


Libyan woman said...

hi dear
believe me sister that d arguments n d marital life z mandatory,because it release all d -ve feelings inside z d spice of life,isn t it?
go on & stop blaming your self,just follow your heart..

on the edge said...

Remember that old rock and toll song ..." You gotta fight for your rite "?
Or the saying a door mat never gets washed ? Speak up most when you are afraid .Show a example for your daughter , that she has the right to speak up for herself and to ask for what is right .You are brave . You can do it .He loves you , remember ?