Monday, 1 December 2008

Retracted resignation

It's an incredible feeling to discover how much people really want you to stay. After handing in my resignation, I had a few phone calls and e-mails asking me to reconsider and that what ever issues I had will be resolved blah blah blah....
I didn't realise that people felt this way about me, (this is me looking for acceptance)
I thought I had made my mind up and that was it, but for some reason I wasn't happy,...I wasn't sure of the choice that I had made...and off course all the so called good natured advise people try to give, apposing your decision, applauding your decision..what's my decision.

So my manager called me...he managed to persuade me to retract the resignation, pending further discussions. we will see.

But, funnily enough, as soon as I sent the retraction e-mail I was relieved. I'm sure it's got something to do with me wanting to stay in my nice, safe, warm box, not wanting to venture out in case i got lost. But maybe stability is what I need at the moment, something safe for a while, till I get my feet settled....

How long will this take???


StarLit said...

I had the same exact feeling you had,, i handed my resignation 3 weeks ago... and after doing it, i wasn't sure anymore, people's reaction got me confused.... and i was about to cancel it.... but i didn't

I think it's the change that we are afraid of, and it's the people who we learned to be friends's all about being emotionally conected to "our" work place.

But i guess it's a matter of time,, I'm going to start in my new company next year in sha allah and now I'm really looking forward to it, even though I'm still feeling comfortable in my old place and weird in the new one!.

on the edge said...

Well, NOW you know for sure HOW valuable you are to the company , when the boss asks you to stay and that is ALWAYS a nice thing to know huh ?

After reading your blog I feel I know you a little bit and think you are much like my daughter , in that she likes to stay home , but gets bored by the daily same ole ,same ole thing after about 2 weeks of it , lol .

So , maybe it is good that you have stayed at work for now . And you always have a Plan B in ready reserve when ever you need it , right ?

Anyway , I want to wish you and your family a early Eid .May you have peace after your decision .

Rose Bud said...

We definately support what ever decision you make. as you say i is yours and the right to change your mind is also yours. Universally the right of women. lol

We wish you luck in what ever you decide to do!