Thursday, 11 September 2008

cooking cooking cooking....

12 days today and I'm already sick of the kitchen. Why I feel the need to make more than one cuisine (I'm calling Boureq or Pizza cuisine...just humour me) is beyond me?

Well, to be honest I know why.
As i have said before, my Ramadan meal times are spent downstairs with the family, I cook in my Kitchen...which is a huge relief, as my first three Ramadan's where spent cooking in my mother in-laws kitchen, and it wasn't comfortable for me, and I'm sure it wasn't for her either.
My sister in law and her husband join us also, that is when they are not invited out, so that makes six of us, plus my two brats and her one. I don't feel comfortable bringing down one dish to serve, so I tend to make a minimum of 3, that includes a salad sometimes, the thing is, I have a problem with quantities, I have tried to cook more, but its always just enough or not quite.

I long for the day that I spend Ramadan with just my family, my husband and children, then I can cook or not cook all I like, and I can try out new dishes.

I've been bad with my Quran readings, I'm only on the 6th section. I need to read two a day to catch up. I simply can't find the time, and I'm exhausted, as soon as I start reading my eyes just shut down. I'm gonna try to catch up this weekend, and I'm also planning to go out and buy eid clothes for the kids...
I'm not gonna go overboard this year, with baby girls school fee's and such...we need to tighten our belts a bit for a while.


khadijateri said...

Stop killing yourself in the kitchen and open up the quran. Have your husband pick up something from the bakery.. they have great pizza's and bouriks. Libya women spend way too much time in the kitchen - it's not supposed to be a cooking competition!

on the edge said...

Isn't it amazing that for the rest of the year , no one expects 15,00 sides in the menu but let Ramadan start and you are expected to be a 5 star Cordon Blu chef ! Go read . Do what Teri said Have your husband do his bit and go to the bakery !Then smile and tell every one YOU slaved over the hot cousha all day making these lovely lighter than air goodies ! LOL !