Tuesday, 12 August 2008

What Makes ME Happy...

So....this list is divided into 2, what makes me happy and what puts me at ease, they both feel good though...

Happy things (not in any particular order)
  • My kids eating
  • My daughter understanding & speaking a little English (my bad for not speaking in English to her)
  • When I'm in the mood to cook and what I make is great (OK....that almost never happens)
  • Walking.
  • Being prepared (this means for social events....presents, hair etc...)

'At ease' things:

  • A clean and tidy house
  • Kids asleep
  • peace and quite
  • a good conversation
  • people smiling at me
  • writing
  • reading
  • honest (real) people

I expected to have allot more happy things to list, but when I thought about what really made me happy my mind went blank. I think I'm gonna do an Elizabeth Gilbert and write down a happy moment every time I have one (I'll aim for at least 1 a day) .


nasimlibya said...

what makes me happy ?
when i do the best of me
knowing that someone really care
someone trust on me
when someone makes me smile
and i think i'll be better if i make the others happy cuz if that happen that mean I can be happy

on the edge said...

Just as love is blind , so is truth .And it is usually staring you right in your face , that is happiness too .Don't look so hard and you will see the simple happy things are a multitude in your daily life . I promise you it is true .

Guess said...

i love the idea, i'll try it one day :D