Wednesday, 22 October 2008

I've been tagged

On the Edge has asked me the following:

Please share with us the thing you love most about living here . The Libyan thing that gives you greatest pleasure.

Well...thanks on the edge for asking me such a difficult question, I wanted to wait till I felt positive about being here, but I have discovered that the time may never come. I don't want to say that I hate living here, 'hate' is a strong word however I still cannot settle in, or get used to it, even after 8 years.

I will answer however the question of what I love the most about living here, I love that my family are close, that my mother is here to listen to all my moaning and groaning. If it wasn't for my mother I would have fallen apart a long time ago.

As for the Libyan thing that gives me the greatest pleasure....I'm gonna say my details needed... ;)


on the edge said...

Thanks for going along with this and being a good sport . Good answers too . One day you will find something strange has happened to you , you have fallen under Libya's spell . It happens silently , stealthily, sneaky taking you unawares .But it will happen .

I said I would NEVER live in Libya again , when we moved back to the States the second time ... before we moved back here for the 3rd and final time . That was 18 years ago.LOL !I could and can happen , lol !

Rose Bud said...

Libya was family for me. End of story.

Rose Bud said...

Funny that we were drawn to each others blog. It's a small world. I will send you my contact info if you like.

on the edge said...

I miss you and hope we hear from you soon . You post always makes my day brighter . Write soon , ok ?