Wednesday, 3 September 2008


I woke up this morning at 7am with a feeling of dread, I don't know why, I just didn't feel right. I got up, showered got dressed just as my son was getting up. I did my morning prayers, changed baby boys nappy dressed and set off to drop him off at my mums. My daughter left asleep with her dad, he'll drop her off at my mums when he leaves for work at around 12!?!?.... (its Ramadan working hours...12 till 1:30, then they complain about how tired they are all day)

I was going to do my husbands unfinished assignment of registering our girl in school. I was parked out side the school at 08:56am they start registering at 09:00.

At 9 I decided to knock on the green iron gate to see if I could get in, I young man opened the door and cheerily said good morning, I told him I was here to register at the school and he said that nobody had arrived yet, but that I could wait inside if I liked.

I did, and I waited and waited until at 09:20 a lady arrived, she was smiling which was good, I'm sure I wasn't the first person she wanted to see in the morning, especially after my husband had explained to me how busy it was yesterday as first day of registration and how stressed she was.

I explained what I wanted to do, and no problem, she told me that the application I had filled in is a copy and that I would need to fill in the original (???? no. 1), so I started filling it in, half way through she interrupted saying 'you know that pre KG is only from 08:00 till 12:00' (???? no. 2)
'ummm yeah' I had the feeling that she was having to explain that fact to many unhappy parents yesterday. I carried on filling in the application form, when I finished she turned to me and smiled 'there is one don't start till 11:00' (??????? no.3)

There was nothing for me to say, registration at 09:00, takes 10 minutes to fill in the paperwork and pay the money at 11:00 'but come at about 11:30 as its Ramadan and you know!'

' the way, how much are the fees' I thought I new, I was given a figure in June and sounded reasonable, I just wanted to double check.

'It's 4 thousand.......hold on.....four thousand three hundred and fifty'

I gasped, couldn't help my that's way more then the budget....
I'm did it get so much, when I asked they had said that last year the fees where 2700 (approx) and that for next year they are adding 20%.
Now my maths sucks...but this is way more than 20%.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do.
Education is a priority... I'm off to go pay...

Oh...the feeling of dread has passed, its been replaced with anxiety.


Anglo-Libyan said...

that is way too expensive! Allah y3einkum.

Ramadan working hours 12 till 1:30!! I want to go back to Libya, here its always the same, sometimes I wish I can stay up late in Ramadan but I cant because of work, well you know what its like here anyway.

on the edge said...

Yes that is the way they work there at that school . They put up the price because of ....
#1 your family name is know ti have money or position
#2 yours or your husbands job makes a lot of money and they know that , cause you have already told them
#3 They want to make it hard for you and NOT have to say no to you ... but if you persist on enrolling them there they will charge you a arm and a leg .