Monday, 15 September 2008


So, I chickened out of not cooking. As soon as I walked in the first thing my mother in law said was, so and so (sister in Law) is making this and I'm making that, what are you gonna make. Just as I was about to say 'nothing' she interrupted with 'we haven't made soup, so you can do that'
ofcourse, I couldn't leave it at just soup, I'm a gluten for punishment, once I'm in the kitchen I can't be stopped, especially if I'm hungry.
Give it up people...I'm a lost cause...I know I know, I have to stand up for my self and blah blah blah.. ( i go back to a title from my previous post...avoiding confrontation, that's me)

Any way...I'm wallowing in self pity at the moment...I'm very easily offended and take everything personal... today I have a negative vibe going on.

I'm gonna go to my mums today.

Got e-mailed this great website today, go have a look.

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on the edge said...

We all do this so don't be so hard on your self ! LOL ! Besides ... you look like such a GREAT daughter in law ... I mean you work all day AND then come home to cook too ! A Saint in the making ! LOL !AT least you aren't cooking the SAME OLE THING EVERY SINGLE DAY like some people I know do during Ramadan . I actually feel sorry for their family .I am boorrreeeddd to death with all this cooking myself and we have eaten something from the freezer for the last 3 days here .