Tuesday, 2 September 2008

27 days to go....

Ramadan has been going smoothly, it isn't as tough as I thought it would be with the heat and stuff, but then again, I'm in an air conditioned office or an air conditioned house or air conditioned car...so I'm counting my blessings.

I send hubby to enrol my daughter in school today, its the first day of registration and what happened....?? he forgot the application form...and they where not handing out anymore as each one has a number and all the numbers have been taken so far.
When you want something done...ask a woman.

I have been waiting for this day to enrol her in school, I have been up and down the country looking for a decent place, clean, equipped and professional. I narrowed my search down to three places. Gems, ISM and Donia Elibdaa.

Gems....way too expensive for KG
Donia Elibdaa, I wasn't keen on my daughter being couped up in a tiny class room for 4 hours.

So its ISM. I liked the fact that they had classrooms for different activities and I liked the playground..could be better but as i said I've been around most of the private schools in Libya and with a so so budget and wanting my daughter to have a good start in life I hope I have made the right decision.

I also hope by the time she's in High school there are more education options....Shall I hold my breath!!!


on the edge said...

Used to work there . Am surprised they are allowing Libyan children to enroll for KG since it is against the law for Libyan children to go to " foreign schools and not Libyan public schools .That may be why your new applications wasn't forth coming . It was just an excuse or a polite way of saying sorry we made a mistake in saying we would accept your Libyan child . Try again in a week , after the enrollments have slowed down some . many times they will accept the child then , if there is more room . And they want your money don't forget , so you will most likely allow them in there .

Caught in the middle said...

Hi ote,
I have checked the British School, apart from the prices...you have to be in Libya on a Libyan Visa..no Libyans allowed...this goes for the American school also.