Monday, 14 July 2008

should i, shouldn't i

I have a dilemma...why am I hiding? why can't i write in this blog without feeling that I have to hide my identity?

I want to post pictures of my daughter and her hair, my son and his screams.

This is my theory, I'm a private person, don't like to talk about my problems much to people, I used to keep a diary but was too scared that someone will find it and read it and find out what I was really thinking.
This Blog is like my diary except people do read it (I hope), they don't know me, but I feel that I'm safe to illustrate my life as is, with no rose coloured glasses, this is it, me, I can be moody all I like, complain all I like about whomever I like.... (them downstairs again...). The great thing about this blog is that I'm even getting great advise.

So maybe I should stay as I am, like this, no one needs to know who I am, what I do or what my children look like....


MaySoon said...

Thanks for passing by my blog and for your wish, you are absolutely right.. age is just a number :o)..

Been there, asked that, why can't I reveal my identity? I chickened I rather not, but on the other hand, I revealed my daughters Identity so whoever recognizes her will recognize me.
So that doesn't matter, as long as you can talk about what you really want to talk about, things that touch your heart and some others that make you mad!

So keep it up and STAY :o)



Anonymous said...

Love your blog and I think you should keep with the course you have started with for now. Glad you got to go to London even if it was a short trip. Looking forward to future blogs. :)

Take care!

Anglo-Libyan said...

I started my blog just like you, I was anonymous then I couldnt help but publish pictures of my kids with other pictures without saying anything, then I mentioned they were my kids and 1 year after I started my blog I actually published my picture.

yes it a dilemma, I used to be more relaxed about blogging before but gradually I sort of got used to it, saying that there are times when I really want to write about something that is bugging me (them downstairs...for example lol) then unfortunately I can not do that!

Think carefully about it and what ever decision you make will still be good, both sides have their advantages and disadvantages.

good luck and by the way, I am enjoying your blog.

on the edge said...

AH ... anonymity's very seductive isn't it ? I just posted my grand babies pictures for the 1st time this week ... with their 1st names . Feel sorta wicked , but that's it for now since we all are entitled to our privacy , no matter what form it takes huh ? Love how real you are !Blessings